Group 114

A network of certified fitters

Meet your specific fitter compliance requirements with our partner Provigis. By issuing a certificate of conformity, we guarantee that 100% of our fitters comply with legislation and due diligence requirements. We also check the authenticity and validity of regulatory documents: ten-year guarantee and professional liability insurance.

Wipoz! A guaranteed network of high quality fitters!

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25% of applications rejected by our network team.

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80% of published projects are booked in less than 24 hours.

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75% of Wipoz fitters have complementary installation skills.

A rigorous qualification process

During an interview, our subject matter experts assess the fitter’s skills and motivation. Customer references are also checked. Once these steps have been validated, the fitter is given conditional access to his or her first installations, which will be evaluated to obtain full access to Wipoz.

Installation quality control

Make sure the project runs smoothly: from customer rating to compliance with the Quality Charter. At Wipoz, for each completed project, a team checks that the work has been carried out properly and that the service has been completed successfully.


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